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Multidisciplinary Designer
(P) +1 (512) 909-4130

Graduate of the University of Texas 
School of Architecture. 
B.S. Architectural Studies

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Hi! I’m Shreejwal.

I’m a Nepali-American multidisciplinary designer currently working in design and art direction. I express myself through many different mediums and I would like to use these skills to improve the brands we engage with every day. I believe in the ability to improve and heal the world through great design. I was born in Rasuwa, Nepal, and moved to Austin when I was five after my family’s name was drawn from a lottery diversity visa. Being raised in a mixture of two worlds has shaped my thinking and work, reflecting perspectives of Nepali and modern western worlds. I like to think that the architecture of humanity lies in the art of storytelling and it is my lifelong goal to tell great stories through whatever medium the story seeks unbound by technical restriction.

Experience in-house and at an agency working in design, art direction, marketing, experience design, and furniture design using the Adobe Creative Suite, Rhino 3D, Blender and more. Graduate from UT School of Architecture.

Currently freelancing (+ spec work) & looking for an agency to call home!

Waterloo Media
Austin, TX June 2023 - January 2024
Graphic Design and Art Direction for
101X, KLBJ FM, ACL Radio, La Z, Latino 93.3, Lucy, and ESPN. 

Creative direction and designing new identities for multiple different events including Blues on the Green, Texas Tailgate, Summer Cinema, ACL Festival, etc.  Adapted existing assets to different sizes and mediums for use across multiple platforms including music festival banners, newspaper print ads, websites, Instagram reels, etc.

Suite 650
Austin, TX May 2023 - July 2023

Design and Fabrication Apprentice for 650 PD, the product design wing of Suite 650

Implemented knowledge of Rhino 3D to design large speaker box system and fabricated in house. Learned to set up files for and operate CNC machine. Breif introduction to TIG and MIG welding. 
Learned to set up files for 3D printing and operating a 3D printer. 
CADY Studios
Austin, TX July 2022 - June 2023

Photography and Customer service specialist for CADY Studios.

Produced senior portraits with students generating over $30,000 in sales of photographs. Facilitated the development of crew members by teaching compositional fundamentals and image processing. Fielded quality customer service by answering general questions via direct interactions during sessions.